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Train to be a champion.

Serious Tennis Players,

This is a training schedule that I've put together based upon the Pat Etcheberry tennis fitness program. It takes dedication because you have to make yourself put in the extra time to condition yourself for tennis. It is not for the faint of heart. Make the conditioning program your personal fitness program. You can always adjust it and work in new exercises, drills, and conditioning methods that address the shoulders, legs and core regions of the body for tennis. If you're not sure how to do an exercise look it up on YouTube or ask the instructor at the gym.

Tennis Training Program for a Champion

We seek a program that builds strong, light and fast creatures with quick recovery ability. We need to be strong in the shoulders, have a strong core and very quick in the legs. There you have it: the perfect tennis player. Well almost: you have to be mentally tough which really means not being too tough on yourself so that your unconscious can be allowed to function. It’s amazing when you trust yourself—your racquet will too.

For working out I recommend doing it every day for at least forty minutes. Take Sunday off: go for a swim, miniature golf, golf (a great way to spoil a good walk), hike, drink lemonade and read the newspaper. Treat yourself to fun rest on that day.

Workout for three sets of 10-12 reps that challenge you and move up in weight when it gets too comfortable.

Upper Body

Dumbbell bench press: push upward with weights, pronate wrists outward, weights touch. You are lying on your back on the bench.

Dumbbell shoulder press: you can stand or be seated, push weights above head and then return to shoulder level. Exhale when pushing up. Inhale when returning.

Dumbbell shoulder pullover-to strengthen serve: lay down on bench, the weights are extended back behind your head, even with shoulders. Lift them up above your chest and then return to parallel to body. Careful no to lift too much weight.

Medicine ball forehand and backhand twist: rotation on right and left side of body with medicine ball.

Triceps extension: pushing down from a standing position, lift up to chin, then, push arms down straight, keep good balance, isolate your arms in this exercise.

Biceps curl: hold for a brief moment at the top of curl and release slowly down. You can stand or be seated.

Band exercise—row, overhead, 45 degree angle: take a stretchy band and extend arms above your head, straight, then pull both arms out to shoulder level, keep elbows slightly bent.

Neutral stance/open stance with weight: swing with a light weight. This works trunk rotation for both forehand and backhand. Swing your form of a tennis swing with the weight in your hand. You can also do this with a medicine ball with two hands. Use tennis footwork as you do it. Include the serve, volleys, return of serve, and overheads in your workout.

Reverse hyperextension: lay down on stability ball on a bench, facing down, grab bench with arms, and lift legs up to level with back and then lower.

Wrist curl: forearms facing up on top of legs. You can use a barbell.


Lower Body

Front Lunge: One leg out, bend to ninety degrees and push back. You can do this exercise with dumbbells in your hands, with your hands down by your sides. Keep knee from going past your toes.

Side Lunge: Same, but more out to side. Keep both feet facing forward during these lunges and your back straight. You can lunge "around the clock" with your legs as long as you keep bot toes forward and back straight. Add dumbbells for more challenge.

Single Leg Lunge: face a high placed barbell, set a small bench behind you, place the top of one foot on the bench, then, grasp the barbell and place behind head on shoulders, then, do knee bends on one leg. After that repeat the routine on the other leg. Don't let the knee go past ninety degrees on the bend.

Squat on Balance Pad: keep your balance. You can use a barbell for extra challenge. Do knee bends with the weight on your shoulders, while on the balance pad.

One-foot Balance on Balance Pad

Leg Extension: extending legs out (works quads) from seated position.

Leg Curl: Lay face down on machine, curl legs up to lift weight. Works Ham Strings.

Leg Press: pushing weight with legs while on back.

Jump Ups: Bend knees down and jump up as high as you can and lift arms to the sky as you do it. Helps vertical lift. You can do this with a medicine ball as well.

Calf Raise: lift heels up and stand on balls of feet and then release back down. You can do these with a medicine ball or dumbbells as well.




Sidestep side to side, front foot overs only side to side, back foot behind only side to side, dynamic stretches, shadow open stance forehand backhand swings with one foot step outs only, same with neutral stances (remember the cone drills we did), shadow serves, stretch lunges, shoulder band stretches, and you’re ready to go.

On a court start in the middle of the service box and for 30 seconds tap the singles sideline with your racquet and then the center service line as fast as you can. This will spike your heart. Record the result, rest 30 seconds and repeat two more times. It takes two and one half minutes but it burns. Try to improve your scores. It will show you if you are in shape. You should not go down in the third run if you are in shape.

 Another drill for thirty seconds is to start at the center of the baseline and run to the sideline….(three feet up the sideline; you are cutting down angle here) and swing over a marker (cone, ball, water bottle etc.) and then return to the middle. Do this as fast as you can. Rest for one minute and then try going the other way (backhand if you started on the forehand) and record that result. This will show you if you are quicker moving to the left, right or the same.

 For running (less is more). We need quick explosiveness. We play hard for a few seconds and then have fifteen seconds before starting the next point. Day one work for an easy run (not jog) for one minute and then run a little harder for a minute for twenty minutes not including the warm-up and stretch down. Day two run fast for 15 to 30 seconds and then rest for 15 to 30 seconds. Gauge your own body and how it feels. Day three run at a constant swift pace but doable for the entire journey. This type of running will best condition you for tennis.

 You design your own program:

It might look like this………..

Sunday: Special time off

Monday: Upper Body/ Court Agility

Tuesday: Run

Wednesday: Lower Body

Thursday: Run

Friday: Total Body/ Court Agility

Saturday: Run

 It doesn’t take much to make gains with fitness if you make it “short and sweet”

You’ll feel great and look good in the mirror. Play tennis when you can.
Coach Pease
Etcheberry Tennis Fitness Coach

 P.S. You tube search Etcheberry footwork drills and the other gym work if you’re not sure what exercises to do. Everything is right there on film. You don’t need an expensive gym to stay in shape. Heck all you really need is a couple of milk cartons filled with sand (small ones and big ones). I'll add more videos for you in the future.

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